About Log My Scan

Log My Scan is a collaborative project between Health Education North East and Teeside University to develop a state of the art Point of Care Ultrasound Logbook and validate it's use through empirical research

Project Purpose and Values


Launch a professional and innovative resource that supports training, practice and research in Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) - simple and intuitive for any user.


  1. Support, educate and train clinicians
  2. Intuitive and simple - make it easy for clinicians to want to use
  3. Robust research
  4. Professional, ethical and secure
  5. Build a thriving community of like minded individuals

Project Team

Log My Scan's team consists of those from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wide variety of skills to the project.

Prof Bob Jarman, Project lead.
Dr David Anderson, Product Lead.
Siobhan Fenton, Associate Dean (Enterprise and Business Engagement)
Tyrone Davison, Technical Lead.
Linda Nelson, Associate Dean in the School of Health & Social Care.